Beach Bar and Lounge

Our team helps realise unique food and beverage concepts for our clients. We created a beach bar and lounge for a client in South East Asia that complemented the surrounding picturesque views and local flavours. We managed the process from idea conception to opening day. The beach bar and lounge was integrated with an already established restaurant. 

Our business planning services helped determine the optimal strategy for the new asset. Our services included menu curation and planning for the first year of operation and design of a beverage programme that featured custom cocktails, unique to the location. 

In addition, we drafted a Sales and Marketing strategy to promote the new offerings to the community. 

We ensured that the location was staffed by the highest quality professionals by participating in the recruitment process including the hiring of the Executive Chef and management team. 

Finally, we added a finishing touch by overseeing the entertainment offerings and creating a music strategy that set the proper ambiance for the location.

Scandinavia Branding

Our team specialises in building reputable brands throughout the world. In Scandinavia, a region with over 26 million people and a GDP of $1.1B, we created a successful brand consisting of 18 restaurants with four distinctly different concepts. We have plans for continued expansion.

After implementing new branding, each of the restaurants saw increased revenue, some locations by as much as 400 %. The rebranding also improved the profile of hotels associated with the restaurants. One example of this was Clarion Hotels being awarded Hotel Chain of the Year in Scandinavia due in part to the restaurant’s enhancements.

As part of the branding process, we standardised recipes and procedures to improve quality and reduce costs without losing local flavour. We also standardised all service procedures to improve the service standard and overall efficiency of the restaurants. These changes led to improved staff performance in back and front of house.

In addition, we insured that our changes will continue to positively impact the future of not only these restaurants, but also the local economy. We achieved this by implementing a thorough sustainability programme across all of the restaurants and developing local talent that can be deployed when necessary.