Bar & Beverage Asset Management

Representing the owners/investors or operators interest in the beverage venues, we will ensure that the operator and/or management team drives quality and maximum profitability to achieve goals. We will work to enhance, solidify, grow and drive value of the business.

The asset management consists of the following services:

  • Operational review and support for all aspects of the venue
  • Beverage menu review and advice to ensure positioning, pricing and layout is on brand and concept as well as relevant in the market segment
  • Support and mentoring for management staff
  • Financial statement, budget and cost control systems review and support
  • Marketing review, support and advice
  • Human Resources recruitment support for key positions within the operation


We provide operational analyses and support in all Bar & Beverage areas to ensure world-class delivery of hospitality, quality, efficiency, standards, operational controls and financial health.

The process starts with a review followed by a report of the current operations. The report will highlight areas that need focus as well as prioritise them for both long-term and short-term benefits.

We will work with the operational team to implement tools and ensure that they have all the support they need to use the tools at hand. We will also act as mentors on an ongoing basis.

Regular meetings and reports will be issued to relevant stakeholders.

Concept Development

Absolute Alchemy is your solution whether you are looking to create a concept from scratch or reinvent or renew an existing business. We carefully review the vision and goals of our clients as well as conduct market research to create a concept that will make your business viable. We are in close contact with our clients throughout the process so they can monitor and give feedback as the concept progresses.

The following are the main components that go into our development work:

  • Cocktail curation
  • Beverage curation
  • Standards, manuals and system development
  • Design support
  • Operational set up
  • Training and training programs
  • Financial systems review

Beverage Curation

Alchemy can create, reinvent or tweak any aspect of our clients beverage program, be it a full beverage program for a hotel group or individual venue, or a cocktail list for single bar.

First we look at how the beverage component fits in with the rest of the concept as well as trends and relevance in the market place.

We cover all the different components that go into creating a world-class and successful beverage program. We document components such as:

  • Ethos and identity
  • Menu creation
  • Recipes
  • Cost
  • Execution feasibility
  • Equipment needs
  • Ingredients
  • Serving ware
  • Training and implementation
  • Ongoing support, training and quality control


Taking guests on a journey is one of the great traits of cocktail drinking and when done well it is not easily forgotten. We have an extensive knowledge and experience of cocktails and a wide network in the cocktail world. We can help establish your bar’s identity and personality with our approach to creativity and service standards. We are perfectly positioned to curate and develop standards for any world-class bar.

Our work has ranged from standalone bars and
restaurants to cocktail curation on group level.

  • Personality
  • Cocktail creation
  • Description
  • Menu design
  • House blends and ingredients
  • Technique and methods
  • Presentation
  • Vessels
  • Ongoing menu development


Having the right offering can help grow a guest’s experience from enjoyable to exceptional. We can help define or develop your offering and wine culture, to create experiences for your guests. With our vast knowledge and global network, we can help to curate and develop standards for any team. We can work with a single venue or roll out a wine program on a group level.

  • Style
  • List development
  • Food pairing
  • Temperatures
  • Menu layout
  • Descriptions
  • Presentation and service
  • Glassware


Providing guests with an authentic experience begins with the team involved understanding who you are and what you do. We have expertise and a global awareness of tea and coffee and the ability to develop and implement standards from bean to brew for any venue. We can help define or develop your identity or take your existing brand to the next level with our operational standards and service systems.

  • Culture and brand personality
  • Market positioning
  • Bean blending
  • House expressions and ingredients
  • Production
  • Delivery
  • Service operation


Having the right set of detailed standards is one of the key factors to success in any operation. We can help develop your standards or redefine them to get you to the next level with robust documentation and related training systems. Delivering a consistent products starts with everyone involved knowing the brand and the standards.

Below are some of the standards that we can deliver:

  • Ethos/Mission statement
  • Core standards
  • Food safety
  • General BOH manual
  • Service manual
  • Procurement

Design Support

We can support the whole design process or support in those areas where our clients feel they need an outside perspective. Our team has been involved in designing everything from standalone restaurants, bars, street food venues either for single venue or group roll outs globally.

  • Support initial design draft, mood boards etc
  • Interview and select designers
  • Review budgets and make recommendations
  • Ensure design development follows design brief
  • Review design and layout to ensure operational efficiency
  • Review FF&E plan to ensure all selections are functional for the operation
  • Support in selecting table top items and other restaurant equipment


We deliver training assessments and training programs to elevate the operation as a whole or target individual areas. Raising the knowledge level of your staff to give them confidence and increase satisfaction will result in a better guest experience.

Our team has developed and executed the programs for one of the premier culinary schools in the world and developed training programs for a number of restaurants and bars.

Our training services includes the following:

  • Review and assess training needs
  • Develop training programs for all areas of the operation
  • Train the trainer programs
  • Source specialists to target specific areas

Financial Review

Alchemy analyses every aspect of the business and makes recommendations for how the financial standing can improve. We suggest systems and controls to help meet and exceed the goals as well as work with the team to ensure the systems are being implemented and followed.

We have experience in all aspects of financials in the hospitality industry and offer the following services:

  • Budget review and support
  • Develop financial reports
  • Monitor financial performance
  • Review results and benchmark against comparable operations
  • Review and monitor revenue performance and opportunities
  • Implement, train and monitor cost control systems